In 2006, when software as a service (SaaS) was more of a hype, Growthbox company was formed and took a step beyond and refined that into a more concrete idea - that of development as a service. Growthbox Technologies (GBT) has since been a focused player with strong presence and capabilities spread across several layers of the typical IT services stack.

With deep and wide specialization across various Microsoft technologies and platforms, GBT has design-build-and-run capabilities across a gamut of business process services, application services and infrastructure services.

The founding team’s 100 man-years of collective experience across technology, user experience, product lifecycle management, sales and business management continues to serve as the foundation on top of which GBT’s organizational excellence has been built.

Strategically headquartered in India’s IT hub—Bangalore—GBT houses a well-calibrated combination of best-in-class talent and experience that the city boasts of. Its second office in New York, USA, enables the company to serve its global clients with élan.