Digital commerce is no longer a peripheral channel through which today’s customers engage with their suppliers and providers of various products and services. It has very much become a mainstream medium for not just paying of bills and booking of tickets and hotels but also for purchase of a whole lot of consumer and even lifestyle products.

Increasingly, these digital commerce platforms are also used by customers to rate the products and services and share their experiences in a collaborative manner, often for the benefit of other buyers on those platforms. The seamless integration of these platforms with social media channels further enhances the efficacy of the digital commerce model and leads to improved cycles of customer experience.

Growthbox Technologies has invested hundreds of man hours in honing the development teams to the specific needs of digital commerce and collaboration tools. Our digital commerce specialists are also in continuous tune with the rapidly evolving trends in the segment, which lead to products that deliver truly new-age digital commerce and collaboration experience to your customers.

It goes without saying that security is tightly integrated with development processes involving these projects.