Growthbox believes that each product development need is unique in one way or the other and we are all ears to understand your specific nuances and respond to those. Our development models-ODC @ BOT and Fixed Cost Model, are designed to make provision for your needs.

ODC @ BOT Model

Our ODC-Offshore Development Center-facilities are equipped with state-of-the-art devices, platforms and development software and tools to ensure that the product development happens in a completely integrated manner. And the BOT-Build, Operate and Transfer-support offered at these centers doubly ensure that the product you receive has been thoroughly tested and debugged and is raring to go to market.

This model works best for businesses with longer development roadmaps and optimized operational overheads. It lets overseas companies take optimized advantage of the cutting-edge development talent that Growth Box dynamically nurtures and maintains for our discerning customers.

Some of the salient feature of the ODC @ BOT model are:

  • Addresses the needs ranging from building teams to implementation of processes and setting up of a quality delivery house.
  • Delivers a range of services including product planning and development, quality and application maintenance and support as a one-stop solution
  • Works as a seamless extended arm of your product team
  • Is easy to set up, monitor and wind up

Fixed Cost Model

While software product development is quite often exploratory and evolutionary in nature, it is equally often well-defined and pre-determined as well. Our Fixed Cost Model is especially designed to cater to the second type of your development needs.

Our cost-to-development ratio, which is best in the industry, is unmatched because of the quality of talent that you get to work on your projects. Our teams of seasoned software professionals are uniquely sensitized to appreciate and meet the delivery timelines with unwavering emphasis on quality.

The key guiding parameters for determining pricing under the Growthbox Fixed Cost Model are:

  • The model is best suited for well documented products and their requirements
  • There are few or minimal changes or modifications estimated during the execution of the project
  • The cost derived would be in line with the effort involved and resource types