You have a business idea

If that idea happens to be around a software product then we must get talking—because when we do, you would be amazed to know how we could help you accelerated the development process.

Yes, we could help you with the development process the way it works best for you—develop select modules, build a prototype, or do it end to end.

We have the credentials

We have already developed 10 products in the area of Healthcare, Customer Intelligence, Commerce, Collaboration and Video Services, and also helped at least three start-ups get to the market in less than six months.

How you benefit

Outsourcing product development could facilitate businesses to focus on their core activities while at the same time fulfill their business requirements in a cost effective manner. This helps your business to gain strategic advantage as you get more management time to set the direction of the business and monitor it closely for any course corrections in a dynamic and responsive manner.

GBT clients find its product development capabilities dependable for a variety of reasons:

Strong DNA:

Not only GBT directors themselves come from strong product development backgrounds but also the company has been in the outsourced product development business right after its inception

Quick time to market:

All GBT teams are well versed with the art of building products and taking them live in very short times

Time-tested processes:

Our wide range of product development experience has led to highly refined and efficient methodologies being in place, which are duly complemented by our quick-go-live approaches and strategies.