Custom Enterprise Application Development

Because you are agile!

As today’s enterprise, you have an irreversible need to stay agile and ever responsive to their respective market needs and competitive pressures. This is unarguably best achieved through IT-fiction and automation of business processes in an optimal manner.

Because everything can’t be done in-house

That, however, is easier said than done. In-house IT talents are increasingly hard to cultivate and retain, due to a multitude of reasons—external opportunities being one. Moreover, even if you succeed at retain, you will soon be faced with the challenge to retrain—because skill sets and technologies have a tendency to get antiquated at a fast pace in today’s dynamically changing ICT world.

And, if you still decide to keep pace then you may succeed yes, but perhaps at a cost not worth the effort or the return. Worse, it could end up eating so much of your precious management time and bandwidth that your core business would inevitably suffer, something that would dread to even think of.

Because Growthbox brings value to you

Yes, Growthbox takes the development worries off your mind and lets you focus on your core business and aspects like building customer loyalty and retention.

GBT’s vast pool of experience across technology, user experience, product lifecycle management, sales and business management domains and functions ensures that we are able to take a consultative approach to meeting your technology and business needs.

Our business-driven approach ensures that the end solutions are well aligned with your strategic goals. At the same time, our RoI-oriented development approach makes sure that the solutions we develop for you are cost-effective, intuitive and reliable.

Incidentally, did you know that cost savings from a typical global sourcing engagement is estimated to be in the range of 45 percent to 55 percent? Market researchers say that global sourcing with a focus on business transformation could add another 15 percent to 22 percent in the total cost savings.

Here are some of the offerings we have in the Enterprise Application Development domain:

Allergan India Pvt Ltd: Call center streamlining application

IFIM: Intranet portal for timesheet and feedback management portal

Allergan India Pvt Ltd: Survey and interactive application for physician loyalty programs.